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Welcome to Voorhees College Vellore

Voorhees College had its beginning in the year AD 1898 through the sacrificial efforts of the missionaries of American Arcot Mission (AAM), an offshoot of the Reformed Church of America. The original buildings of the college were built with the sacrificial donation of a large-minded American couple, Ralph and Elizabeth Rodman Voorhees. In memory of that ennobling act this college was appropriately named as Voorhees College. Rev Dr W I Chamberlain served as the First Principal of Voorhees College. Back in the 19th century, people in and around Vellore were struggling under the clutches of poverty, ignorance and spiritual backwardness....

Illustrious Alumni


The phase of intense competition involving an unavoidable race for excellence in education has arrived. The hard decision of choosing the college has to be made by the student. Quality education or quality in education is the focus for every institution.

Voorhees College, named after a blind philanthropist’s wife from the U.S.A, is founded on Christian ethics and principles. The College steeped in rich tradition, has always stood tall on its vision and values, in its long existence of 120 years. Thousands of successful alumni who went through the portals of this College, have immensely enriched and empowered our nation. The College, also my Alma Mater, is now poised to reinvent itself as we are on the cusp of a learning revolution which aims to completely overhaul the country’s education system in the wake of the dawn of an era of technological development.

India is the world’s largest country with 600 million under the age 25, which is a rich demographical dividend.

I wish and pray that we strive to successfully prepare ourselves to produce future-proof students to welcome the new era

Let us ‘teach them’ (God’s Commandment) Deut. 11:9
Let us instill ‘life’ in our students for,
life is a test.

Rt. Rev. H. Sharma Nithiyanandam,
CSI Bishop in Vellore and Chairman,
College Governing Body.

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