Voorhees College, Vellore – 1

                                                           Online Fee Payment For Ist, IInd & IIrd Year

Steps to Follow to Pay the Fees Online

Step 1:
Each student will receive a SMS with Username and Password in the
registered phone number (given during Admission Application Form)
Step 2:
Visit the college website (www.voorheescollege.edu.in) and click “Online Fee
Payment II & III years” in the menu bar.
Step 3:
Login using the received credentials in the SMS (Username & Password)
Step 4:
You can change the password if you want (Optional)
Click the “Dashboard”
Step 5:
Update your mobile number and email id (Mandatory).
Step 6:
Chose the academic year 2020
Step 7:
Tick the check box and pay the fees by clicking PAY BUTTON
Step 8:
Save the downloaded receipt (Automatic Receipt Download)

Note: Pending fees will be collected during the month of October.

Ist, IInd & IIIrd Year Pay Now