S.No. Name Dr. K. KISHORE
1 Picture
2 Experience in Numbers 16 years
3 Job Title and Responsibilities
  • Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Basic responsibility is to Teach, Mentor & Motivate the Students
  • To supervise & carry out research.
  • Responsible to update the Criterion II: Teaching, Learning & Evaluation as a member of IQAC.
4 About Yourself ·         Working as Assistant Professor from September 2002 to till date (UGC/NET Qualified December 2005), Conducted successfully various workshops and seminars of innovative recent topic which is useful to update the academic knowledge with line to the technology.
5 Qualifications M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDCA
6 Professional Memberships and Activities Acted as authorized resource person of Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to spread financial awareness to various target groups.

Life member of Indian Accounting Association, Salem Branch.

Acting as University Nominee for the Board of Studies of Department of Commerce (Computer Applications)  at Islamiah College (Autonomous), Vaniyambadi.

Reviewer of “Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies” ISSN: 2229-5674. http://www.scholarshub.net. (http://www.scholarshub.net/ijcms.html)

Member of “International Association of Business, Commerce and Technology”, New York.USA.

7 Expertise Specialized in conducting workshops’ on SPSS for analysis, Plagiarism free research writing and using technology for teaching (Virtual Teaching).


Teaching & Research Analysis Softwares known: SPSS, AMOS, LISREL, Eviews, Stata, Smart PLS, DEA, & Limdep.


8 Activities Conducted & Chaired more than 30 Workshops and Conferences on Topics related to Plagiarism & Data Analysis using SPSS
9 Research Interest Interested in supervising the research scholars in the field of Human Resource, Marketing and Finance.
10 Publications ·         Kishore & Sobitha (2017). Stock Volatility: A Case with Top Five Public & Private Sector Banks.  Goods and Services Tax in India. ISBN: 9789386782199, pp 174-177.

·         Kishore. (2017). Shopkeepers’ Attitude of Tendering Toffee to Customer Loses Business. Shanlax International Journal of Management , Vol.5 (2), pp 31-34.

·         Kishore, & Subhashini. (2017). Tipping Behavior of Teaching Faculties. Shanlax International Journal of Management , Vol. 5 (2), pp 71-73.

·         Kishore & Srinivasan (2016). Networking and Career Success at Paradigms in Management and Entrepreneurship, Page 225-235, ISBN : 9789352675876, (Nov., 2016).

·         Kishore &Srinivasan (2016). Networking Practice and Career Success of Teaching Faculties at International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research & Development. ISSN 23948906, Vol. 03, Spl. Issue 02, Ver. II, September 2016, pp. 242 – 246. Impact Factor 2.415.

·         Kishore & Srinivasan (2016). Relationship among political skills, emotions and extroversion on teaching faculties at International Research Journal of Management and Humanities (IRJMH). ISSN 2347-3274, Vol. 3, Issue – 1, Sept. 2016.

·         Kishore (2013). Training Farmers on Accounting Concepts at South Asian Journal of Marketing Management. ISSN:2249-877X, Vol.3, Issue-10, (October, 2013).

·         Kishore & Chitra (2013) Enhanced Facilities of ATM at Radix International Journal of Commerce and Management. ISSN 2250-3994.

·         Kishore. Cooperative Learning and Educational Technology in Salesian Style at Competency Building Strategies in Business and Technology. ISBN 9788192176413.

·         Kishore. Perceptions of students towards examination system at Enhancing Quality of Higher Education Institutions through IQAC. ISBN 9788192160108.


11 Copyrights & Credits ·         Own 20 Copyright materials provided by Harvard Business for lecture

·         Awarded Best Research Paper for the paper titled “Cooperative Learning and Educational Technology”

·         Awarded Best Research Paper for the paper titled “Relationship among Political Skills, Emotions and Extroversion on Teaching Faculties”. September 2016.

12 Contact Details Dr. K. Kishore

Assistant Professor of Commerce

Voorhees College,

Vellore – 632001.


Email: kishore@voorheescollege.edu.in

Mobile: 9488856878

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