2 Picture  








3  Experience in numbers 14 years and 5 month
4 Job Title and Responsibilities Assistant Professor

First year class In-charge

5 About Yourself  Dr.S.Christopher did B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, and Ph.D in Mathematics from Loyola college, Chennai. He has vast teaching experience of nearly 15 years. He has participated in various International and National conferences and had presented research papers in places like Bhutan, Sikkim etc. He chaired two technical sessions in NCPAM -2016 VIT, Vellore and ICMA-2017, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. His area of specialization is Fuzzy Logic.
6 Qualification M.Sc(Maths), M.Phil,Ph.D
7 Professional memberships and activities  FATER INDIA (Forum for Advanced Training in Education and Research Academy of India)
8 Expertise Specialise in Fuzzy Logic
9  Activities 1.        Participated in two days seminar “Applications of Mathematics in Engineering” during
30- 31st July 2004 at MIT campus of Anna University.


2.        Presented a paper titled “Smarandache Jordan Algebras” in the National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Application NSMMA (2004) held on 22nd December 2004 at IIT Chennai.


3.        Presented a paper titled “The Effect of globalization on Education using Fuzzy Relational Equations” in the National Seminar on Mathematical Analysis and Application NSMAA(2005) held during October 6-7, 2005 at Periyar University, Salem.


4.        Presented a paper titled “Use of Combined Disjoint Block to Analyze the health Hazards of Agricultural Labourers due to Pollution by Chemicals” in the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science ICMCS (2007) held during March, 1-3, 2007 at Loyola College, Chennai.


5.        Participated in ICM – 2010, Satellite – Conference on “Integrable systems and Geometry” during August 12 – 17, 2010 at Pondicherry University.


6.        Presented a paper titled “The Effect of globalization on Education using Fuzzy Associative Memories” in Indo Bhutan International Conference held at Gaedu College of Business Studies, BHUTAN during May 14- 15, 2012.


7.        Participated in National conference Fuzzy Soft Computing Mathematical Analysis during October 4–5, 2012 at Pondicherry University.


8.        Presented a paper titled “A DEMATEL approach to study on youth violence and aggression” in Indo Bhutan International Conference held at Gaedu College of Business Studies, BHUTAN during May 13- 15, 2013.


9.        Participated in Fr.Racine International Mathematics congress during October 3–5, 2013 at Loyola College, Chennai.


10.    Participated in one day National level workshop on “Effective Document Preparation using LATEX for Researchers” on 27th June, 2015 at IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram.


11.    Chaired a session in the one day National conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (NCPAM -2016) held at VIT, Vellore on 12th march 2016.


12.    Presented a paper titled “A Modified Linguistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps” in the National workshop on Soft Computing Modeling held at College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology, Gangtok, Sikkim during April 21-23, 2016.


13.  Chaired a session in the International conference on Mathematical Applications in Mathematical Application in Engineering and Technology (ICMA-2017) organised by PG and Research Department of Mathematics ,Sacred Heart College ,Tirupattur on 27th and 28th of January ,2017.

10 Research Activities Area of research       :  Fuzzy model and its



Title of Ph.D thesis   : A Fuzzy Dynamical system Approach on the Impact of Periyar Philosophy in the Society


11 Publications 1.            S.Christopher, A.Felix,A.Victor Devadoss, “A Nonagonal Fuzzy Number and its Arithmetic Operations”, International Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications, 3(2), 185-195,  2015.

2.            S.Christopher, A.Victor Devadoss, “A Study of Periyar Philosophy on Self- Respect using

Induced Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (IFCMS)”, International Journal of computing algorithm

and Its Applications, 2(1), 152-155,  2013.


3.            S.Christopher, A. Felix, A.Victor Devadoss, “A Novel Hybrid Fuzzy DEMATEL and BAM technique to study the impact of Periyar philosophy in the Society”, Global journal of Pure and applied Mathematics.3(12), 467- 473 2016.


4.      S.Christopher, A. Felix, A.Victor Devadoss, “A New Extended Fuzzy TOPSIS technique to analyze the impact of Periyar’s philosophy in the society”, Global journal of Pure and applied Mathematics


5.            S.Christopher, A. Felix, R.Mani, “Fuzzy Coginative DEMATEL technique for modelling cause and effect of climate change”, International journal of Pure and applied Mathematics .4(117), 655- 661, 2017.

12 Contact Details CELL NO: 9444200679

Email: christyjoan2003@yahoo.com

13 Related Links http://www.faterindia.com/